With international top #horsesdrivers

Bram Chardon [NED]

Sam Geerts & Dries Degriek [BEL],

Jérôme VOUTAZ [SUI], Michael BRAUCHLE [GER] and Chester C.WEBER [USA]

More pix to follow and on http://www.hoefnet.nl * #nocommercialusewithoutauthorization #copyrightdontpaytherent


Last call #48hoursleast SERVICES * Freelance Equestrian Photographer. IAEJ + press card IFJ


Flights from NTE [Nantes Atlantique FRA] + Hotel and shuttles

+ immediate wire transfer 500€/5.000,00 € – depending destinations – for added costs : [journeys office/airports, highway fees, gazoil, car parks]

Thank you to put attention on : Everything can be organized but serenity & safety are priceless. Hotels should be as close as possible to the event to avoid wasting time and money. Better safe hotel, be a photographer is a huge set-up.

From 1-day to 5-day missions, from 300,00€ /day up-to 3.000,00€ regarding objectives, tasks, uses, and duration.

Let’s talk. We can organize multi-orders from 1 to 5 drivers, quite in advance too !

#officialpartners #Hoefnet #PausePhoto_LaRochelle for #Canon #LiveTheStory #JournalLeCheval


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